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This is about hiking, photography, software development, and zen.
Please forgive the muddled prose.

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Regarding Zode

zode.com may be something of a mystery. Here's what Wikipedia says about "zode:"

The following are excerpts from the second novel [of Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series] The Gods of Mars:

"For those who may be interested, however, I will explain that the Martian day is a trifle over 24 hours 37 minutes duration (Earth time). This the Martians divide into ten equal parts, commencing the day at about 6 A.M. Earth time. The zodes are divided into fifty shorter periods, each of which in turn is composed of 200 brief periods of time, about equivalent to the earthly second. The Barsoomian Table of Time as here given is but a part of the full table appearing in Captain Carter’s notes.

200 tals = 1 xat
50 xats = 1 zode
10 zodes = 1 revolution of Mars upon its axis"[58]

"The ten Earth years I had spent upon Barsoom had encompassed but five years and ninety-six days of Martian time, whose days are forty-one minutes longer than ours, and whose years number six hundred and eighty-seven days."