The Anemone Question

The Anemone Question

Distance: 1.76 mi
Total Climb: 680 ft
Rating: Tedious
Beta: Anemone Trail @ Hiking Project

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 Anemone Trail

Phase 1: Anemone Trail from Settler's Park. A gentle beginning, warming up the calves and quads, with dramatic rock views defining the turning point from Settler's to Anemone. Then the aerobics begin, with a steeper ascent up a valley between hilltops. At the top, mullein. Attempted theme for the evening: question night. Unfortunately, we couldn't nail down the protocol for this interaction, because no one could (or would) answer the question of how best to define it. Thematis defectus.

Phase 2: The Med. Chicken Kebab, Ensalada España, Chicken Sulla Griglia. Pricey, healthy. Good mints at the door on the way out.

Phase 3: 9pm, hence Trident.

Question of the Night: What's the albedo of the (ocean, moon, snow, etc.). Post your guesses in the comments below.