BNOSRMeadowlark Trail


BNOSRMeadowlark Trail

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 – Meadowlark Trail

Phase 1. Our fearsome foursome created a new Humpday annual tradition: hiking the high plains the day before Thanksgiving, followed by dinner at Flatiron Crossing (or thereabouts). We walked 3.85 miles as the moon rose nearly full, illuminating the trail sans headlamps. Twas a bit chilly, as it should be in November, but not much wind to speak of, and a gaggle of airplanes landing at the nearby Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC).

Phase 2. Gordon Biersch, for burgers and growlers.

Phase 3. In situ, coffee and sumptuous desserts.

Questions of the Night:

  1. What airport has the call sign BER?
    Brandenburg Airport, Berlin.

  2. What is Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport’s call sign?
    BJC (aka, Broomfield, Jefferson County).

  3. What is the purpose of the appendix (the organ)?
    Possibly a safe-haven for good bacteria during an infection [WebMD].

  4. What is the origin of the seven day week?
    The seven day week most likely originated in ancient Babylon [BBC].