Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - Bluebell Shelter

Phase 1: Our wily wanderers weathered a wet Wednesday to wend their way to Bluebell Shelter, whereupon the alliteration waned, thankfully enough. The scenery was intermittent, with the Flatirons peeking out from the clouds here and there.

Phase 2Pasta Jay's, by unanimous and abrupt consensus. S ditched the usual Stuffed Shells in favor of Pasta Margherita; C had Pasta smothered in something red; alas, I don't recall what the D's had. No one ordered lasagna.

Phase 3: Trident, of course, with a surprise guest appearance by Liz (hereafter known as L, or LD). Hugs, memories, and levity ensued.

Questions of the Night

  • Whence came Pasta Jay's?

    • "Pasta Jay’s first opened on January 20, 1988 in a small house on the west end of Pearl, eventually making his way to the current location at 10th and Pearl a few months later in September of 1988."
      The Back Burner

  • When was Bluebell Shelter built?

    • "The Bluebell Shelter was originally built by the Lions Club in 1923 as a gathering place for outdoor lovers. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) filled in the walls prior to 1935 to provide additional protection from the elements."
      City of Boulder website