SRTeller Farm

Teller Farm

SRTeller Farm
Teller Farm
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - Teller Farm

Phase 1: Tonight's sojourn included special guests PZ and KZ, in addition to our current regulars D, C, D2, and S. Whilst this stalwart band of adventurers set forth upon the green and pleasant Teller Farm Trail in eastern Boulder, a glorious atmospheric haze illuminated the layers of mountains to the west. Thus preoccupied, our intrepid explorers gazed upon the postcard view and wandered along the path, blissfully unaware of the wretched and biblical pestilence that was soon to descend upon them.

For lo, a cloud of fearsome mosquitos, newly hatched from the ponds nearby, had our tasty travelers fixed in their sights. Our heroes were beset, and commenced being eaten alive whilst running, or at least strolling, for their lives.  

Phase 2: Thank goodness for The Hungry Toad, where the scratching sixsome managed to regain their composure and regaled anyone within earshot with nostalgic tales of mystery, imagination, and narrow escapes from plagues and pestilence.

Phase 3: Starbucks @ 30th. Not enough seats inside, but plenty of tables outside in the cool night air, sans mosquitos.

Quote of the Night:

We would like to make sure we're in a boat that's not going to hit an iceberg. â€”KZ

Lessons of the Night:

  • One can never have too many binoculars.

  • When hiking near open water, be sure to carry bug spray.