BNOSRCowdrey Draw

Cowdrey Draw

BNOSRCowdrey Draw
Cowdrey Draw

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - Cowdrey Draw

Phase 1: This evening's adventure took us south of Boulder to the Cowdrey Draw trail, on Marshall Mesa. This trail forms a segment of the larger route known as the "Dirty Bismark" (which is itself a mountain bike version of the infamous Morgul Bismark, of the venerable Coors Classic/Red Zinger bicycle races). A very pleasant evening, good sunset light and perfect temperatures. A highlight was the guy sitting in the middle of the field, coding on his laptop while waiting to take pictures of the sunset. Another was the "Pit of Despair," into which, fortuitously, none of us fell.

Phase 2: We were at a loss to suggest any particular venue in southern or eastern Boulder, but everyone was ok with the idea of Under the Sun, which turned out to be pretty good: Hawaiian Pizza, Porky's Revenge Pizza, Salmon Salad, and Seafood Fra Diavolo (the reader may guess who ordered which). 

Phase 3: Starbucks at 30th and Arapahoe.

Questions of the Night

  • Was that a Western Diamondback rattlesnake?

    • It was a prairie rattler.

  • Who owns the private property around here?

    • Marshall Reservoir is owned by the town of Brighton, Colorado.

  • What's up with those solar panels? (see upper right corner of first image, above)