Isabelle Storm

Isabelle Storm

Sunday July 22, 2018 - Lake Isabelle

At midday, no line at the entry gate. Several parking spots were available at Long Lake Trailhead.

Moderate ascent, with some exertion toward the top. Weather was reasonably cool and calm (for now). Numerous people at the lake. A guy ran down the trail asking whether anyone had cell phone reception: a climber was hurt at Isabelle Glacier.

No one had reception. The guy hurried down the trail.

On the hike downhill, a thunderstorm swept through. One second between lightning and thunder. Graupel mixed with rain and washed across the trail.

Despite the maelstrom, I managed to reach the parking lot. Soaked and muddy, but none the worse.

Driving out, I noticed a small crowd gathered to photograph a bull moose, who was foraging near the road. I continued to the entry gate, where several emergency vehicles were heading up the road. Looks like the runner got the word out about the injured climber.

Update July 23:

"A National Guard Blackhawk helicopter was able to lift him out of the area were he was transitioned to Flight For Life and was flown to a hospital in Lakewood. His identity and current medical condition have not been released."