BNOSRBluebell Shelter

Blues and Belles

BNOSRBluebell Shelter
Blues and Belles

Distance: 1.55 mi (2.49 km)
Elevation: 411' (125.25m)

Wednesday, September 6, 2018 – Bluebell Shelter

Phase 1: A damp Wednesday evening as S and D ventured out, gore-tex and all, to visit Bluebell Shelter. The grass was gold and the trees were heavy with apples. Two yearlings and a doe were hanging out behind the shelter, celebrating their own Phase 2. We elected to do the same.

Phase 2: A very loud Pasta Jay's. Lasagna and salad.

Phase 3: Trident.

Question of the Night

  • What does ESPN stand for?
    Per Wikipedia, ESPN was originally an initialism for “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.” The company abandoned the full name in 1985, and adopted “ESPN, Inc.” as its official corporate name.


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