Staggered Start

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 – Meadowlark Trail

Phase 1: S and D meandered up and down the Meadowlark Trail, battling injury and aching joints, to view the first Spring moonrise of 2019. The weather was pleasant and calm, 50ºF or thereabouts, with hazy skies. No geese, cows, elk, whales, or other itinerant species were observed in the vicinity, aside from various bicyclists, joggers, and two guys with a tripod, shooting the moon.

We designated the evening “N5,” or, the “Quadra-Hump.” What, you might ask, is the meaning of these eclectic monikers?

  • N5: “Not Nice Nieces Nix the Night.” We had anticipated attendance by several of our nieces; alas, all were otherwise preoccupied. On the bright side: more food for us.

  • Quadra-Hump: The evening marked a convergence of four auspicious events:

We trundled up the trail, observed the moon, and clanged the gate at the midpoint. Along the way, the conversation evoked numerous inconsequential questions, the likes of which, in recent years, we’ve delegated to the supple brains of our younger cohorts to remember for Phase 3. However, lacking this option due to “N5,” we asked Siri to remember our questions for us instead.

Therefore and forthwith, we do hereby bestow upon Siri the title of “Honorary BNO Regular” (albeit, a non-voting member). Huzzah!

Phase 2: A rather crowded Village Tavern. D had a Tavern Salad, methinks. S ordered Margherita Flatbread.

Phase 3: in situ; hot fudge sundaes and coffee, whilst observing the drunken antics of fellow patrons and researching the…

Questions of the Night

  1. What’s up with all the geese?

  2. What is the etymology of the word “triumvirate?”

  3. Is Pat Bowlen still around?

  4. What are the phases of twilight?

And there you have it: another successful BNO.

Note: The Summer Season officially started last week with the advent of Daylight Spending Time. S was at home, dodging a bomb cyclone (aka “Winter Storm Ulmer”). Meanwhile, D, C, and D2 braved the elements and explored the wilds of “CU Boulder South;” hence this entry’s title, “Staggered Start.”