BNOSRFour Pines

Four Pines

BNOSRFour Pines
Four Pines

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 — Four Pines Trail

Phase 1: Our fearless adventurers trudged up the slightly moist path known as the Four Pines Trail, whose trailhead is tucked away off 17th and King, just a few blocks south of Baseline Road. The trail progresses up a hill and past a NIST outpost of sorts (festooned with mysterious science shacks), and returns north along the edge of the Green Mountain Memorial Park (cemetery).

On examining the map retrospectively, the author notes that a future variation of this hike might follow the Four Pines Trail further south to intersect the Kohler Mesa Trail, returning via Skunk Canyon, thereby extending the trek a mile or two.

Phase 2: McDevitt Taco Supply. Somehow we all managed to choose different tacos; notably, D had a “Thunder, Lightning, Tornado” combination, which the server declared “The perfect storm!”

S made sure to decline his portion of the requisite and seemingly ubiquitous cilantro, because, you know, it’s an abomination.

Phase 3: Glacier Ice Cream. Tons of flavors. Not enough seats, but our foursome prevailed.

Questions of the Night

  1. Why are stones stacked on headstones?

  2. What’s the cost of a bungalow in Chautauqua Park?

  3. What the heck is cilantro?