Enchanted Mesa

Enchanted Mesa

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 — Enchanted Mesa

Phase 1: The four set forth to explore Enchanted Mesa, along the McClintock and Mesa Trails, under welcome shade and still-lush greenery this August evening. Lots of intersecting trails.

Phase 2: Sherpa’s out on the patio, with garlic naan, chicken masala, veggie korma, shrimp vindaloo, chicken saag. Spun a few of the prayer wheels, backward and forward, for good measure.

Phase 3: Trident.

Questions of the Night

  1. Guess the cost of that house over there.
    $7.2 million.

  2. Is the Pennsylvania standoff still going tonight?
    The suspect surrendered around midnight Wednesday night.

  3. What is the right direction to spin a prayer wheel?
    Per Wikipedia, generally clockwise.