Science Castle

Science Castle

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 — NCAR

Phase 1: Our four fearless adventurers caught the shady side of sunset to ascend the venerable, well-worn path from Bear Creek Elementary up to NCAR on the hill. There were no crowds, but plenty of deer emerged from the tall, dry grass, whilst the usual cyclists trudged up and down the road. Meanwhile, we wondered when the grass had turned from green to gold.

Inspired by the grass and NCAR’s sunset-colored concrete, S attempted this awkward haiku:

Autumn sunset, this
science castle afloat on
waves of golden grass

Also of note: D2 sheered off his facial hair, for a good cause.

Phase 2: Under the Sun, since we’re in the Table Mesa area of South Boulder. Nothing to write home about.

Phase 3: Glacier (glass-see-air) for gelato and that sort of thing.

Questions of the Night

  • Is I.M. Pei still alive?