The Email

The Email

Sometime Wednesday afternoon, an email exchange confirms the commencement of the evening's Hump:

From: S
To: D
Subject: amy

Ash @ 6p?

To which the reply:

From: D
To: S
Subject: RE: amy

6p Ash ok

Anyone can initiate this exchange. The content varies, but it's always concise and cryptic. That's how we like it.

the haiku years

In the distant past, we tried exchanging humpday haikus. This was rather short-lived. Here's a sample:

From: S 28-FEB-1996 19:46:23.09
To: D
Subj: Re: AMY

> Begin at seven
> Amy, a beer, some pizza
> Our slice of heaven

Coffee afterwards,
Renee invading the john:
Why else would we go?


Perhaps you can understand why we abandoned this format.


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