The Participants

The Participants

Over the years, numerous friends and relatives have participated in the Weekly Festivities. Here is an attempt at enshrining a few of those intrepid adventurers:


C: D's niece. Speaks fluent Pennsylvania Dutch. Can plan anything from BNO to a royal wedding. Likes sledgehammers, moose, camping, and D2. Claims to enjoy Forrest yoga.

D2: C's husband. Speaks fluent German. Is himself a technological singularity. Likes hiking, np-completeness, and C.

BM: D2's mom.

E: S's niece. Can spot a firefly a mile away. Likes reading and writing dusty old books and poetry. Is everyone's favorite mentor.

ED: Ellen; LD's sister.

G: S2's husband; also GC.

KR: S's sister.

KZ: C's mom.

LD: Liz; ED's sister.

ML: KR's husband.

PR: S's brother.

PZ: C's pops.

RM: D2's dad.

S2: S's sister.

D: BNO OG; also UD, D1. Says "five of" when he means "five til." Knows the elevation of every worthwhile summit in Colorado. Likes clocks, hiking, and driving long distances.

S: BNO OG. Says "five til" when he means "five of." Knows everyone's ip address and wifi password. Likes hiking, words, photography, and quiet.


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