Sunshine Canyon in Twilight


Wed 30 Sep 2015 S & D had originally considered the venerable Sanitas Valley trail for this evening's festivities, but upon examining a map at the Centennial trailhead parking lot, opted instead for the as-yet-un-humped "Sunshine Canyon Trail." This route proceeds along the south side of Sunshine Canyon, and eventually intersects with another trail up the west side of Mt. Sanitas.

The trail was quite smooth, with a very gradual rise. Our intrepid hikers carefully dodged the numerous joggers plummeting downhill like giant rolling boulders in an Indiana Jones movie (except thinner and more vegan). After a mile, the trail intersected Sunshine Canyon road, just at the edge of a private property. S & D declared this "the summit," whereupon D announced the DOW, and the twain wended back downhill.

Twilight was fully upon us at the conclusion of Phase 1.

Phase 2 at Pasta Jay's, abundant with Jay's usual selection of comely waitpersons and garlic. P3 at Ozo.

Voila, et finis.