SRCoalton TrailComment

High Plains Hump

SRCoalton TrailComment

Wed 25 Nov 2015 Our intrepid explorers took the opportunity of a shortened workday to celebrate a "big afternoon out," taking in the views on the high prairie Coalton Trail, in Superior. D, C, and S trundled westward up the trail about 1.5 miles, to "the corner" where the trail turns south. At that point the three made a chilly retreat to the car, braving a frigid headwind along the way.

barbed wire, 26 May 2013

Phase 2 saw the trio dining at the relatively expensive Village Tavern, where we had excellent quiet seating. D had meat loaf, C enjoyed spaghetti squash and zucchini, and S ordered grilled tilapia.

We concluded the evening at Starbucks at Flatiron Crossing Mall.