Sad Rock Trail

Wed 23 Sep 2015 While C was out wining and dining the finest of Boulder's elite bollard magnates, S and D opted for a 30-minute quad burn on the remnants of the Saddle Rock Trail. The flooding several years ago washed out significant portions of the trail, and it seems that repairs have only just begun. We stopped before the most treacherous portion: a ladder climb up one washed out embankment; a sign warns that some dogs may have difficulty with this section of the trail. Hence, "Sad Rock Trail."

Following Phase 1, we proceeded to T∙aco for Phase 2. I suppose the name of the place, spelled variously "T∙aco" and "T/aco," is pronounced with a mid-bite glottal stop (T {gulp} ah-co). I suspect it's French for "expensive and tiny." 

Phase 3 concluded at the glyphically-endowed Ozo Coffee Shop.