Boulder Valley Ranch

Wed 9 Sep 2015 C took charge of the Festivities this evening, beginning with Phase I at Boulder Valley Ranch, near Boulder Reservoir. As this was a new trail for S and D, we were excited to see what new adventures awaited us.

A sign at the trailhead advised us not to mow over any rodents or other wildlife in the area; this meant we'd be unable to race our John Deere riding mowers haphazardly across the prairie – at least not if we wanted to avoid contracting tularemia, which these signs warned us about. We proceeded with caution, and avoided mowing or even looking askance in the direction of any ticks, spiders, and rabbits in our path. We also took care to dodge several mountain bikers, horses, and joggers—best to be on the safe side..

Three miles and a pleasant conversation later, we were back at the car, safe and sound.

For Phase II, C recommended the nearby Thai Shi House restaurant (also a new venue for us). We were much amused by the cabbage head growing in – or rather on – a mason jar. The food was great, definitely worthy of a return trip.

C aborted early, skipping Phase III due to an early hike the next morning. D and S finished up the evening's Festivities with a sighting of Backgammon, with a game in progress, true to her nickname, at Trident.

All in all, a very successful Hump. Commendations to C for an excellent selection of venues.