Conflict Day on the Goat Trail

Phase 1. The Goat Trail, up the eastern flank of Mt. Sanitas to the base of the treacherous north face trail. The aroma of plum flowers (prunus americana) filled the air at the trailhead and all the way to the top. Our intrepid explorers decided that "conflict" would be the theme for this evening's festivities. In any case, we agreed to argue as much as possible. These arguments went something like this:

I don't like calamari.
I do like calamari.
She likes calamari, what you gonna do about it?
I'm gonna let her eat all the calamari!!

Phase 2: Sherpa's, outside on the veranda, with mysterious dripping water from the dry grapevines overhead. Shared chicken tikka masala, chicken saag, mixed veggie/meat momos, and naan. Conflict continued.

Question of the day: How long does it take to fossilize mud? (Post your guesses, or answers, in the comments below.) This came up because D will be visiting Purgatoire Canyon this weekend.

Phase 3: Trident. More arguments.