Sanitas Valley

Sanitas Valley

Researching those burning Questions


    Phase 1: Our fearless adventurers waded up the Sanitas Valley trail from the mostly-submerged smokestack, as Boulder flooded this evening. Or so we imagined. Sometimes Bear Peak looks like an island, or perhaps an isthmus, or a peninsula.

    Phase 2 (aka après Phase 1): The Mediterranean (since it was right next to our parking spot on Walnut Street): Ravioli Alla Raimondo, Eggplant Fattah, Pollo Alla Parmigiana, Kebab Curry-Tarragon Chicken.

    Phase 3 (aka après Phase 2): 6 minutes at Ozo, 28 minutes on the mall whilst researching various answers of the night from a park bench.

    Questions of the Night: