BNOSRSanitas Valley

Sanitas Valley

BNOSRSanitas Valley
Sanitas Valley

Phase 1: Sanitas Valley. The biggest challenge is in finding a parking spot; or more accurately, remaining patient while finished hikers decide whether to vacate their parking spots. Here's what they do instead:

  • Gaze fondly at their parked car.
  • Practice drawing a Tesla logo in the gravel.
  • Plug the car into portable solar panels.
  • Enjoy a leisurely snack.
  • Re-apply SPF-1000 sunscreen.
  • Check email.
  • Read the newspaper.
  • Post their hike video to YouTube.
  • Plug the phone into portable solar panels.
  • Feed and water the dog.
  • Play frisbee with the dog.
  • Make reservations at their favorite restaurant.
  • Wipe off the SPF-1000 and apply SPF-15.
  • Time how long it takes a waiting car to circle the parking lot.
  • Calculate the CO2 emissions of all the waiting cars.
  • Discuss the yield of their home solar panels.
  • Load the dog into the car.
  • Load the dog bowl into the car.
  • Unload the dog bowl and empty out the water.
  • Load the empty dog bowl into the car.
  • Unplug the phone.
  • Unplug the car.
  • Deposit the biodegradable snack wrapper into the recycle bin.
  • Gaze fondly at their parked car.

Phase 2: West End Tavern. Cheesesteak special and pulled pork.

Phase 3: Trident.