BNOSRKohler Mesa

Oh Lolly

BNOSRKohler Mesa
Oh Lolly

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - Kohler Mesa

Phase 1: The Four Pines trail starts with a steep ascent, and levels as it reaches Kohler Mesa. From the apex of the trek, hikers might return to the trailhead through the valley (via Skunk Canyon), but it's unclear whether the route cuts through NIST property. Need to explore this option another time.

Phase 2: From a great parking spot right next to Salt on Pearl Street, our fearless adventurers wandered the west side of the mall, passing by Salt, The Kitchen, and Wild Standard (all ostentatious and weird). Pasta Jay's had a 15-20 minute wait (violating the 15-minute rule). Across the street at Eureka, plenty of open tables awaited. S had a salad with falafel. D had an unwieldy chicken sandwich.

Phase 3a: Briefly considered staying at Eureka for dessert and coffee, but the two-item dessert menu was expensive ($7 for ice cream). Nearby Le Pops beckoned with "gourmet iced lollies," five bucks a pop. Not cheap. S had a blackberry-lavender iced thing, dipped in white chocolate and rolled in cookie crumbs. D had salted caramel, also duly dipped and rolled.

Phase 3b: Trident, all hopped up on popsicles.


Questions of the Night

  1. What was Audubon's first name?

  2. What is the elevation of Cheyenne?

  3. What is the Denver capitol's claim to fame (besides the dome)?

  4. Who did Bobby Fischer play in the "game of the century?"