BNOSRGoat Trail

Gotta Get a Goat

BNOSRGoat Trail
Gotta Get a Goat

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 — Goat Trail

Phase 1. A loop from Linden Road to Dakota Ridge to the Goat Trail, up to the Sanitas Valley trail apex, then back down through the Pine Brook Hills neighborhood to the trailhead. Pleasant weather, temps in the low 60s, no wind. Our fearless adventurers briefly attempted to resurrect the “Conflict Day” theme of a few years ago, but nothing much came of it.

Lots of dogs on the steep rocky path toward the Valley trail. Also lots of heartbeats, at least for S.

Phase 2. The Toad, since we’re in North Boulder.

Phase 3. A walk through Trident to buy a postcard, followed by a breezy trek to Baked for cupcakes and ice cream. Whoa, etc.

Questions of the Night

  1. Too many to remember.

  2. Something about Soylent Green.

  3. The mystery of the house without a driveway.

  4. Is the cement pad (remnants of a creekside home destroyed by the 2013 Flood) for sale?