Fine Scottish Weather

Fine Scottish Weather

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 — Shanahan North

Phase 1: Hardy adventurers S2, GC, and T joined S to slosh through the fine Scottish weather, north to south on the Shanahan Trail. The trail holds up reasonably well in wet weather, due to a packed gravel surface that resists becoming muddy. However, jackets and pants aren’t quite as resilient, so after a couple of miles of rain changing to sleet, changing to snow, changing to rain again, we found ourselves sufficiently hydrated, and ready for dinner.

Phase 2: Under the Sun. This place always manages to be better than expected. GC sprung for garlic flatbread and arancini, a good start to a sumptuous dinner.

Phase 3: Wandered over to Lucky’s to check out the locals and grab a couple of pints (of ice cream).

Image Notes:

  • The hawk image had a little bit of camera shake since I was shooting telephoto at 1/200s (probably should have been 1/500s, but I went with a slower shutter speed because of the dark weather). I used Photoshop’s “Shake Reduction” filter to help sharpen the area near the hawk. This filter makes details look like oil paint, so it’s not really great for printed images, but it’s fine for stuff being posted online.

  • The group photo is a combination of two shots: one in which T was looking at the camera but the people weren't, while in the other, the people were looking at the camera but T was facing away. So I photoshopped them together. You can see some artifacts like the bottom edge of the frame where I forgot to crop the overlapping image, and some shadows/blur around GC's pants and the leash. I could be a little sloppy because the leash is the same color as GC’s jacket.