Bye July

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 — Centennial Trail

Phase 1. Under cloudy skies and reasonable temperatures in the low 80s, our legacy crew, S and D, set forth in a generally westerly direction in search of a trail. Forging through rush-hour traffic, they bypassed Chautauqua Park (due to crowds) and headed down 6th Street toward Mt Sanitas. A detour around construction roadblocks on Mapleton led eventually back to the Centennial Trailhead, with ample parking.

Joggers and deer wandered along the trail as S and D headed west. The flora was still quite damp and green, despite the recent heat wave, with plenty of blooming monarda and various other midsummer flowers.

A good time was had by all.

Phase 2. Since we’re in the north country, our faithful readers might very well guess the venue for tonight’s celebrations. Here’s a hint: the Wednesday beer special is Old Speckled Hen. Despite the special, D ordered Stella and a club, while S had turkey on marbled rye and a side of water.

Phase 3: Renewing our “sipster” status, the crew settled in at SiP to research the answers to various conversational conundrums, while brainstorming homophones for D & KZ’s evolving list. Here are some new ones: { { pearl, purl }, { band, banned } }.

Questions of the Night

  1. What’s up with bigoted AI (i.e., implicit bias, etc.)?

  2. What is that fancy Boulder farm-to-table restaurant S was trying to remember? (A: Arcana)

  3. What word is most often pronounced wrong? (Ok this was a P3 Q, not a P1 Q.) (A: “wrong.”)