BNOSRShanahan Ridge

Bears and Backgammon

BNOSRShanahan Ridge
Bears and Backgammon

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 – Shanahan Ridge

Phase 1: S & D set forth up the Shanahan Ridge North Trail, under wispy clouds turning pink with the sunset. By the time our fearless adventurers had reached the trail’s apex, the clouds had thickened, and lightning flashed on the horizon.

To avoid the weather, the intrepid explorers opted for a shortcut down the middle of the valley.

Along the way, they spied a mysterious, dark object, shaped like a double tree stump. The question arose: “Is that a stump?”

The stump moved.

It turned out to be a pair of black bears, mother and cub, celebrating their Wednesday evening festivities on Shanahan Ridge. They kept wary eyes on us, and we on them, as we continued down the trail.

We reached the car before the rain, just as dusk took the sky.

Phase 2: “Steal the Glass” night at Eureka. Baseball on TV (AL wildcard: NYY vs Oak). Several big groups, with loud talkers.

Phase 3: Trident Cafe, with a rare sighting of Backgammon.

Question of the Night:

  • Is that a stump?