St. Francis

St. Francis

Sunday, December 16, 2018 - St. Francis Trail, Superior

On Google Maps, one of the trails in the open space above my house is labeled the “St. Francis Trail.” I haven’t found any information about this trail’s name, so I decided to hike it. Also, Google Maps notes a “Lookout Point” halfway up the trail, and I was curious about this.

The point of gathering stillness is not to enrich the sanctuary or the mountaintop, but to bring that calm into the motion, the commotion of the world.
— Pico Iyer

The balmy weather brought lots of people out on the trails. Several families, dog walkers, joggers, and cyclists all made their way up the hill.

Good views to the west.

I reached “Lookout Point” on the map, but nothing marked that particular spot. Just a hillside. At the top of the hill, however, was an H-shaped structure, perhaps intended as a pull-up bar. This seemed like a better point for lookouts. Maybe that’s what they meant.

After this, the trail wanders east along Hwy 128, before vanishing into stillness near Eldorado Blvd.