BNOSRSkunk Canyon

Skunk Redux

BNOSRSkunk Canyon
Skunk Redux

Δ Elevation: 601' (183m)
Distance: 3.5 mi (5.6km)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 – Skunk Canyon

Phase 1: Special guests S2, GC, and TC joined S for a jaunt around the Skunk Canyon-Kohler loop. The intrepid explorers met at 6:30 at Vassar Street, and headed up the trail forthwith. A herd of runners came down the trail, 10-15 of them loping along, each of them saying thanks as we stepped aside to let them pass.

S2 spotted a bear across the canyon. Sadly (or perhaps fortunately), it was too distant for a decent photograph.

It's that time of year: bears foraging for berries and apples, preparing for winter. Meanwhile, the leaves are changing color already, and the grass is drying out. Looks like an early winter coming our way.

After heading up Skunk Canyon, we turned north on the Mesa Trail and walked to Kohler Mesa, then down the Skunk Canyon Spur to the canyon. S2 spotted another bear, which turned out to be a bear and two cubs (as reported by a family of hikers who ran up the trail to advise against going that direction).

We made it back to the car at dusk, and concluded Phase 1.

Phase 2: Under the Sun, with pizza and chicken. Not even crowded. A great night.

Thanks to S2/GC for making this another successful BNO!