BNOSRBobolink Trail

Dragonfly Alley

BNOSRBobolink Trail
Dragonfly Alley

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 — Bobolink Trail

Phase 1: Under the shade of cottonwoods on a warm August evening, S and D dodged bicycles, joggers, poison ivy, and dragonflies along the smooth, flat Bobolink trail. After heading south from the trailhead and west to skirt the idyllic ponds of East Boulder Rec Center, the crew then crossed the speeding traffic on South Boulder Road, traversed east to a box culvert tunnel, and rejoined the trail at S. Boulder Creek. By this time the sun had set, and a murder of hungry mosquitos emerged from the swampy meadows like heat-seeking missiles locked onto a furnace. Our fearless adventurers cursed and swatted their way back to the car, leaving clouds of bloated, happy mosquitoes in their wake.

Phase 2: It had been a while since we’d visited Pasta Jay’s, and as luck would have it, the place had plenty of tables. We observed only one bellowing baby (or eight year old), and only one round of “happy birthday” from the wait staff to the table next door.

Wednesday is lasagna night, you know, so S inexplicably had chicken marsala, while D had the lasagna; both declined the $3 gorgonzola. Meanwhile, the garlic bread was buttery, and the mints at the door were refreshingly al-dente.

Phase 3: Trident, perusing postcards. D reported the addition of { rheum, room } to D and KZ’s growing list of homophones.

Questions of the Night

  1. What is the effect of mosquito saliva?
    It circumvents vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation, coagulation, and inflammation [from Mosquito saliva alone has profound effects on the human immune system].

  2. What’s that other coffee shop in Ned?
    Salto Coffee Works, on 2nd Street.

  3. What is the Boulder Creek Hometown Festival?
    The Labor Day Festival on Boulder Creek. Also, something to be avoided.