The Participants

The Participants

Over the years, various friends and relatives have braved our arcane rituals and weird personalities to join us for the Weekly Festivities. This is an attempt to enshrine a few of those intrepid adventurers.

C: D's niece. Speaks fluent Pennsylvania Dutch. Can plan anything from BNO to a royal wedding. Likes sledgehammers, moose, camping, and D2. Claims to enjoy Forrest yoga.

D2: C's husband. Speaks fluent German. Is himself a technological singularity. Likes hiking, np-completeness, and C.

BM: D2's mom.

E: S's niece. Can spot a firefly a mile away. Likes reading and writing dusty old books and poetry. Is everyone's favorite mentor.

ED: Ellen; LD's sister.

G: S2's husband; also GC.

KR: S's sister.

KZ: C's mom.

LD: Liz; ED's sister.

ML: KR's husband.

PR: S's brother. Knows all the languages. Likes skiing, archery, dulcimers, and talking to Huldufólk under the northern lights at midnight.

PZ: C's pops.

RM: D2's dad.

S2: S's sister.

T: S2 & GC’s animal companion.

D: Says "five of" when he means "five til." Knows the elevation of every summit in Colorado. Likes clocks, hiking, and driving long distances.

S: Says "five til" when he means "five of." Knows everyone's ip address. Likes hiking, words, photography, and quiet.


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