Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When someone new joins us for the Festivities, they usually ask the same questions. We figured we’d better document the answers as a creed or manifesto or something to which we can refer in perpetuity.

Be sure to take these with a grain of salt (preferably Himalayan).

How long have you been doing this?
We think we started the Wednesday night hikes around 1991.

Why do you do this?
The goal was to do a 1000-foot ascent on Wednesdays, to stay in shape for our 3000+' adventures on the weekends. Then we added Phase 2 après-hike, and the power to weight struggle got real. Inevitably, Δa (altitude) decreased as Δc (calorie intake) increased (see f(x)=1/x).

What does "BNO" mean?
It means "Big Night Out."

What are these "phases" you keep talking about?
We've been doing three basic things every Wednesday: hike, dinner, and coffee. Because we're geeks, we invented symbolic names for these activities: Phase 1 (the hike), Phase 2 (dinner), and Phase 3 (coffee).

What about Phase "zero?"
Back in the olden days, we used Fortran. Fortran arrays are 1-based, so when designating phases, naturally we started with 1 (←math joke, get it?). While zero-based indexing is cool, we call the hike "Phase 1" for backward compatibility.

Do you hike during the winter?
We celebrate Phase 1 primarily during daylight savings time. The rest of the year, we do Phase 1, but with p1.duration := 0.

What is the 15-minute rule?
We will wait at most 15 minutes for a table.

Who are these people and their initials?
See "The Participants." We use initials to protect privacy, and to sound like world-weary Russian novelists.

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