BNOCMMarshall Mesa

The Rod and Gun

BNOCMMarshall Mesa
The Rod and Gun

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 — Marshall Mesa

Note: This is a second entry for June 19, by guest author C, commemorating the @Boulder version of the evening’s festivities (while S celebrated earlier that same day @Steamboat Springs).

Phase 1: (U)D, D2 and C set out on a 3.5 mile hike around Marshall Mesa to commiserate with each other over S's absence. Signs at the trail head warned of rattlesnakes, but the greatest danger proved to be the somewhat steady stream of mountain bikers, who rattled "Thank you, have a great evening," "Appreciate it," and other threatening utterances as they rode by. One of them even pretended to know D2 and stopped to converse for several minutes. The Louisville "Rod and Gun Club" was a literal high point of the trip, topped off with pelicans sailing through the sky and Marshall Lake's waters in search of food. "Don't bite me, pelicans" we all thought.

Phase 2: Murphy's in South Boulder. It was pretty quiet due to the mature dining hour of 8 p.m. Fries and things between bread were enjoyed by all.

Phase 3: Ice cream at Sweet Cow, consumed on a bench outside as the evening cooled and the breeze picked up. The team realized the night had had a dearth of questions and wondered if, in answering all the previous questions after decades of BNO, there simply were no further ones to be answered.

Questions of the Night

  1. What's the lake's name at the Louisville Rod and Gun Club?
    Answered during the hike when stumbling by a map: Marshall Lake.

  2. (Maybe one other, we can't remember)

Addendum: The blog wishes to thank C for her splendid contribution to Humpday History, and will hereby recommend leniency and/or waivers of fines and reparations assessed for pending citations.